Monday, 17 September 2018

Tomotom Catalogue

We just got our first Tomotom units in. 
It's always good to get bits of classic British design, even when it's as 'undesigned' as these funky utilitarian pieces
It's even better when they come with the original brochure (more leaflet in this case!)
Here's a scan for your entertainment, some pictures and links of what we have available and at the bottom, some blurb that I've cribbed.  Enjoy!

 1960s Hull Traders Tomotom Shelving Units

First seen at The Ideal Home Exhibition in 1966 this was another range of furniture from the Pop era that was only produced for a short amount of time. That was half the point with Pop, taking advantage of the new ‘throw-away’ fashion.
Made from cardboard tube reinforced by enamel spray and seat from chipboard held by metal pins. When the development of these began the cardboard tubes were sourced from Bowater Paper Company and were intended as formers for poured concrete in motorway construction.
The chairs were sold with touch up paint and brushes in the full anticipation of chipping and flaking occurring during use. Buyers were encouraged to repaint them as they wished.

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