Monday, 17 September 2018

Tomotom Catalogue

We just got our first Tomotom units in. 
It's always good to get bits of classic British design, even when it's as 'undesigned' as these funky utilitarian pieces
It's even better when they come with the original brochure (more leaflet in this case!)
Here's a scan for your entertainment, some pictures and links of what we have available and at the bottom, some blurb that I've cribbed.  Enjoy!

 1960s Hull Traders Tomotom Shelving Units

First seen at The Ideal Home Exhibition in 1966 this was another range of furniture from the Pop era that was only produced for a short amount of time. That was half the point with Pop, taking advantage of the new ‘throw-away’ fashion.
Made from cardboard tube reinforced by enamel spray and seat from chipboard held by metal pins. When the development of these began the cardboard tubes were sourced from Bowater Paper Company and were intended as formers for poured concrete in motorway construction.
The chairs were sold with touch up paint and brushes in the full anticipation of chipping and flaking occurring during use. Buyers were encouraged to repaint them as they wished.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Dalescraft Catalogue

 Recently we acquired a large box of leaflets, pamphlets and catalogues which we'll be sharing, in and amongst it all was  this Dalescraft catalogue from 1956 - complete with price list! Dalescraft were a premium Yorkshire based brand in the 1950's  and early 60's.  Their designer, Malcolm D Walker, was inspired by the contemporary Scandinavian pieces to make high quality stylish furniture, more shapely than most available in post war, post rationing Britain. 
We have a couple of lovely pieces at our Pool Bank showroom. A  glass fronted rosewood bookcase and a very stylish serving trolley both are great examples of the quality finish you can expect from Dalescraft

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Return Of 80's Leather Fashion

Just like the hair and the shoulder pads 80's leather fashion was big! The bolder and brighter the better, fringed, studded, pleated and skin tight it was worn all ways and by anyone. From skirts and trousers to jackets and dresses you could dress top to toe in leather.

At the shop we've recently acquired a great selection of classic 80's leather clothing like this fabulous hot pink dress complete with poppers and 80's essential, the batwing sleeve

In the same shipment was this amazing blue leather trouser suit. Classic 80's pleated ankle length pants with batwing sleeve jacket that fastens on the hip.  Wear with a white t-shirt and push up the sleeves for a perfect 80's look!

1980's Blue Leather Trouser Suit

So if you fancy struting your stuff in some 80's leather pop into the shop, there's lots to choose from from in a wide choice of colours

Monday, 5 February 2018

Sierra by G-Plan

As a regular stockist of G Plan furniture we were excited to come across these wall units from their Sierra range.
The Sierra style was something of a throwback for G-Plan after their flirtation with Danish style in the 1960's. Bridging the gap between Kofod-Larsen and the 1970's Fresco range, Sierra has, if anything, more of the 1950's Brandon style to it, on the handles and the pale colouring for example.
This rare cabinet breaks down into four separate pieces, two base units and two sets of shelves, one with glass cabinet doors and one with a drop down bureau.

The green backing is interesting, something G-Plan never repeated, but actually very contemporary in the right setting.
We don't see a huge amount of Sierra, certainly nothing compared to Fresco for example, perhaps Sierra wasn't a great seller?

More details on our website  G-Plan Sierra
I've never seen a catalogue of the period but we've found a few images of other pieces from the range......

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Original 1950's First G-Plan Catalogue

We've come across a bit of G-plan history that we'd love to share, it's what seems to be the very first G-plan catalogue. 
E. Gomme had been making furniture in High Wycome for over 50 years before launching the revolutionary and hugely successful G-plan range in the early 1950's.
There is a great archive of Gomme history HERE but they don't seem to have this particular brochure. 
Of interest is that although the furniture featured here is of G-plans initial 'Brandon' range. Neither Brandon nor it's designer V.B. Wilkins is mentioned anywhere in the brochure, despite the archive clearly having the same items, even the same images advertised as Brandon. Logic would say that Gomme decided to brand the range AFTER this particular brochure was produced.
As the blurb in the brochure is introducing G-plan as an entirely new idea, it would make sense.
Here at Space Harrogate we generally have a dozen G-plan pieces in stock at any one time, including items from this range, I've linked a few Brandon pieces currently in stock towards the end.
                                  We hope this proves useful, enjoy......

And here's some examples you can buy today
A dining room sideboard with a gorgeous 'nut-brown' patina from Page 13. 
G-Plan Brandon Sideboard
 and a G-Plan Brandon Chest of Drawers with Bureau Secretaire from Page 5

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Nathan Furniture 1965 Catalogue

A Nathan furniture catalogue, handily noted on the cover as 1965
It was in the drawer of this sideboard we've just listed. More info HERE

 The interestingly named 'conquest' range of bedroom furniture