Sunday, 9 August 2020

Our Space Holders

   Allow myself to introduce ..ourselves
  The people without whom Space would be a vacuum..

    Spaceman Steve

owner/manager/cat herder/wearer of hats

Dealer in mid-century and retro furniture and funky vintage homewares
West German pottery, music and space-age retro a speciality.
also sarcasm but I'm working on that.

Call me at the shop 01423 709941
Frantic Vintage

Donna at Frantic stocks a range of vintage womenswear, jewellery and
accessories with a focus on quality, condition and wearability.
Within Donnas range is a collection of both vintage and contemporary
designer items including pieces by Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, YSL,
Balmain, Givenchy and Dior to name but a few.

Donna is refreshingly social media free. If you want to know more or have 
something to sell, call Donna at the store 
01423 709941

Adorn Vintage

With a house bursting at the seams after a lifetime of collecting, Fay
started selling at fairs in 2007, joining Space in 2009

She sells an eclectic mix of fashion from the 1950's to the 1990's,
plus textiles and homewares with a nod to the decorative, 
the rustic and the unusual
Vintage Keeley

Keeley is another founding member of the Space family with two dedicated
retail offerings of handpicked original vintage

You can find a carefully curated collection of dresses, handbags, hats and
jewellery from the 1920's to the 1970's with changes through the seasons

Then for those who love midcentury style, her Discover Vintage Interiors
space offers a vibrant mix of furniture, ceramics, art, lighting and textiles

Jenny is another who has been with us for over 10 years with 2 large
bookshelves filled with subjects from art to music to local interest
and all points between

Jenny also runs the only independent 2nd hand bookstore in town
Only 10 mins away BOOKSHOP for more info
Vintage Strawberry

Cheryl has run Vintage Strawberry for over a decade, stocking a wide
range of vintage and modern homewares, clothes and jewellery.

Colourful, cute and just a little bit chintzy.
and her stocks the same
The Vintage Underground

Andy and Saz love fun, quirky, affordable and on trend vintage, retro
and reworked clothes

For the past 10 years they've been selling great quality mens and
womenswear from the 1960's up to the 1990's

Colourful and wearable vintage and repro clobber for everyday wear
and that special occasion

You'll find a selection at
Miss Grace Space

Model and Muse since 2014.
Can be found on Instagram wearing all our fancy gear. Click the pic!

Keeps it real!
Beatniks Vintage

Nick has been with Space from the start selling on trend, affordable,
branded clothes for guys and gals
Vintage Adidas, Champion, Carrhart and Polo are amongst his specialities.

Alfie Robot Retro

Jill sells homewares, she loves a bold print and a classic design and
has been selling her vintage treasures for over 10 years

She can be seen doing her 'silly stall shots'TM at vintage fairs up and 
down the country and she also organises Wetherby and Ilkley
vintage fairs

You can find a good selection of her finds on Instagram HERE..

She shares her space in Space with her best vintage mate Trudy ↓↓↓
Vintage Beau

With a background in fashion and costume, Trudy's keen eye is evident
in her carefully curated stock for both men and women from the 
1940's to the 1980's

You're sure to see some of her finds on your TV screen as she's a 
costume supplier to TV, film and theatre

Moonbow Vintage

Jodie sells a wide range of mid-century furniture and homewares.
Inspired by an eclectic mix of colours, pattern and shapes, Jodie
scours the country for wellmade and unique pieces to bring to Space

From furniture, pottery and glassware to lighting, soft furnishing and 
home accessories

You can see more on her website, just click the pic

Collette and Maurice specialise in sport, music and other pop culture items
from the mid to late 20th century

Relative newcomers to Space, watchout for their Beatles memorabilia,
classic tech and cool rarities from here, there and everywhere.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Our First Photo Shoot

             Our first ever photo shoot circa 2010. These images still look super fresh 

                     Model : Zana O'Connell              Photos : Simon @ Minds Eye Harrogate 



Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Nathan 50's Furniture Catalogue

Nathan furniture comes up regularly in auctions and on ebay, some of the later pieces have fallen out of favour a little, notably the 70's/80's squared door pieces and the numerous highboards and shelving units.
Some of their items though, the 'Circles' sideboard for example, are absolute classics, and take a look at this catalogue, proving that Nathan were once pretty forward thinking, especially in the areas of sideboard and leg design. These designs obviously owe something to G-Plans ebonised legged Tola range, but lovely nonetheless.
Dating from the late 1950's, possibly early 1960's, the colours and drawings have aged particularly well, if it helps you identify a particular piece, all the better.
Get in touch if you have something similar to sell and, for more mid-century gems, have a look at Space Harrogate and Space Vintage Home 

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

J&G Meakin Catalogue 1972

Meakin were making mealtimes brighter for many years but never more than in the early 1970's as shown by this crazily colourful fold out catalogue from 1972.  
Galaxy was always my favourite but Meridian, which I'd not seen before, may just have overtaken it!
We always have some Meakin in stock in our Harrogate store, Space Harrogate and are always looking to buy too. If Meakin floats your (gravy) boat, give us a call on 01423 709941 or drop us a line

Monday, 17 September 2018

Tomotom Catalogue

We just got our first Tomotom units in. 
It's always good to get bits of classic British design, even when it's as 'undesigned' as these funky utilitarian pieces
It's even better when they come with the original brochure (more leaflet in this case!)
Here's a scan for your entertainment, some pictures and links of what we have available and at the bottom, some blurb that I've cribbed.  Enjoy!

 1960s Hull Traders Tomotom Shelving Units

First seen at The Ideal Home Exhibition in 1966 this was another range of furniture from the Pop era that was only produced for a short amount of time. That was half the point with Pop, taking advantage of the new ‘throw-away’ fashion.
Made from cardboard tube reinforced by enamel spray and seat from chipboard held by metal pins. When the development of these began the cardboard tubes were sourced from Bowater Paper Company and were intended as formers for poured concrete in motorway construction.
The chairs were sold with touch up paint and brushes in the full anticipation of chipping and flaking occurring during use. Buyers were encouraged to repaint them as they wished.