Tuesday 2 February 2021

Brianco 1960s String Shelving Catalogue

We picked up this colourful 1965 catalogue with a bunch of others in a house visit of a well to do gent who happily never threw anything away.
Brianco was a Spanish shelving system often just labelled as generic string shelving, understandably as it never seems to be labelled. Often confused with the Scandinavian system designed by Nils Nisse and still made today.
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Sunday 31 January 2021

Zambesi Vs Zambesi

 No, not an African divorce drama, rather a tale of two designs with the same name...

Jessie Tait worked for Midwinter pottery from 1946 into the 70's but perhaps her most productive and influential period came in the 1950's when, taking advantage of Midwinters bold new Stylecraft and Fashion shapes, she designed several patterns now regarded as iconic.   (further reading on this excellent site...Midwinter Pottery)

Among these was 'Zambesi' a zebra stripe black and white pattern with red detailing. The name and pattern no doubt influenced by the 1950's American inspired craze for all things central African.  There were several songs called Zambesi around this time and I'm sure there was a major Hollywood film called Zambesi or Zambezi out but there's no trace of it online so maybe I'm imagining that!

Another UK firm producing good plateware at the time was Barker Bros.  They also had a range called Zambesi, which confused me when first dipping a toe into the 50's design world. I suspect their design came a little later than Midwinters,  which seems a little cynical as it's unlikely they were unaware of Midwinters range (but bear in mind their Fiesta range which bears more than a passing nod to the Homemaker design and was produced a few years after it).  Barker Bros Zambezi has a black and yellow African style border decoration.  Attractive but not as much of a statement as the Midwinter.

The Barker Bros nowadays isn't as collectable as the Midwinter, despite being rarer, but it's a nice design, perhaps overshadowed by the name duplication?
We usually have some examples of one or both in stock, search Space Vintage and Retro

Thursday 14 January 2021

Belarti Tile topped Tables Catalogue


I've been involved in the crazy world of retro and vintage for years now and have had dozens of tile topped tables pass through my hands, I've kept a few and there's a few I'd wished I'd kept and here's some I want to get my hands on!
We posted a blog a few years ago about the murky world of identifying them, have a look here..Identifying Tiled Tables
I get a fair few messages from people who've read it and want to sell (always welcome) or just need pointing in the right direction but I still see many tables attributed wrongly. This amazing archive catalogue might help (or it might just make you ache with longing for the stunning colours and patterns!) Thanks to Ieka at RetroLoco for the original scans.
A very high end hardback catalogue, published around 1968/69, presumably for distribution to dealers rather than generally available to the public, it details the various tables and other products from the BELgian ARTIsts organisation (see what they did there?), even naming the patterns!
Grab a coffee and a waffle and enjoy...
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Comments welcome..
....and remember, as far as we know, there was no such person as Juliette Belarti, God knows where that one started, you'd think she'd be mentioned/pictured here, right?!
The picture here is of Belgian ceramicist, Julien de Covemaeker.....we think...

Translations welcome, there's more below in French and Flemish(?)