Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Return Of 80's Leather Fashion

Just like the hair and the shoulder pads 80's leather fashion was big! The bolder and brighter the better, fringed, studded, pleated and skin tight it was worn all ways and by anyone. From skirts and trousers to jackets and dresses you could dress top to toe in leather.

At the shop we've recently acquired a great selection of classic 80's leather clothing like this fabulous hot pink dress complete with poppers and 80's essential, the batwing sleeve

In the same shipment was this amazing blue leather trouser suit. Classic 80's pleated ankle length pants with batwing sleeve jacket that fastens on the hip.  Wear with a white t-shirt and push up the sleeves for a perfect 80's look!

1980's Blue Leather Trouser Suit

So if you fancy struting your stuff in some 80's leather pop into the shop, there's lots to choose from from in a wide choice of colours


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