Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Malcolm Hall - Glam Style

 We love a little bit of Glam here in Space. The 40's and 50's are lovely of course but, personally, the colour, vibrancy and new materials of the 60's and 70's do it for me, especially when you can associate those styles with the music of the time. 
You'll know the names Ossie Clark and Tommy Roberts but, if you're a fan of 1970's rock, you'll certainly have seen the work of Malcolm Hall. How about this for starters
White Malcolm Hall suit worn by Led Zeppelins Jimmy Page, made around 1975 and now in the V&A

Paul McCartney, Brian Eno, David Bowie, ABBA and ..er..Mud were among the many stars to wear Malcolms threads, there's a tasty selection in the retro section on his website. Indeed, happily, he is still trading and his style hasn't changed too much
An image from Malcolm Halls current range with appropriately stylish old rocker model

What's inspired me to write this piece is that we've been lucky enough to find a vintage Malcolm Hall suit from the early 1970's. We can even trace it's provenance to Boodle-am, a small independent shop in Leeds, one of a few places to stock him outside of London.
Son of Space, Gabriel Elvidge, modelling our Malcolm Hall suit

What a beauty. Olive brown satin, with velvet panels front and back, a huge lapel and gently flared trousers. We'd love to sell this to the equivalent of Jimmy Page etc but who's around nowadays with enough flamboyance, Coldplay? More HERE

While I had my captive model I took a few shots of him in another of our 1970's Pop/Rock culture suits, this time a 3-piece Teddy Boy style number tailored by John W. Mills of Bexleyheath. I can't find a single mention of him on the net so presumably he didn't go on to dress the stars although they'd have looked pretty dapper in this..
Find it HERE

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