Monday, 5 February 2018

Sierra by G-Plan

As a regular stockist of G Plan furniture we were excited to come across these wall units from their Sierra range.
The Sierra style was something of a throwback for G-Plan after their flirtation with Danish style in the 1960's. Bridging the gap between Kofod-Larsen and the 1970's Fresco range, Sierra has, if anything, more of the 1950's Brandon style to it, on the handles and the pale colouring for example.
This rare cabinet breaks down into four separate pieces, two base units and two sets of shelves, one with glass cabinet doors and one with a drop down bureau.

The green backing is interesting, something G-Plan never repeated, but actually very contemporary in the right setting.
We don't see a huge amount of Sierra, certainly nothing compared to Fresco for example, perhaps Sierra wasn't a great seller?

More details on our website  G-Plan Sierra
I've never seen a catalogue of the period but we've found a few images of other pieces from the range......

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