Friday, 18 December 2015

Pygmalia 1960's Manchester

A very cool jacket we've just got in has prompted a little research.

This, very groovy, swinging sixties, striped jacket
is from Pygmalia a shop that opened in 1965 in Manchester.
 It was owned by Tony Bookbinder (aka Tony Mansfield) who was the drummer in 1960's group The Dakotas and brother to Elkie Brooks. 
 Other pop stars mentioned to be behind the store in various places are Eric Stewart (10cc and The Mindbenders) and Graham Nash and Tony Hicks of The Hollies.
 It's important to recognise that the swinging sixties weren't just happening in Carnaby Street, all over the country small boutiques were popping up selling the latest fab gear, mens as well as womens. These often had a big name behind them, George Best's boutique on Deansgate perhaps the best known. There's a great clip of it at the beginning of Jack Rosenthal's  'The Lovers'

 A great, rarely seen film now, I love the way it shows the 1960's and 1970's as groovy and grim in equal measure. 

 If anyone knows of any other Pygmalia clothing, please post in the comments, there seems to be very little about.
 More info here on ManchesterBeat

 And here's a pic of the label and a link to the jacket on our website
  1960's Pygmalia Men's Striped Jacket    
 And a direct link to the site  Space Harrogate

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