Friday, 18 January 2013

Sheepskin and Shearling

Jeez its cold up here in Harrogate! Luckily we're not short of lovely warm coats, here's a few of our finest

Sheepskins have happily shed their 70's football manager/Arthur Daley image and been embraced by celebs and trendy kids alike...
                                          Here's one in our window now just like Keiras!
We've got gems like Rihannas and Alexas too.
Sheepskins should be whole, one piece skins treated and turned inside out.  Shearling just means the same but with
the fleece cropped short like RiRi's.
We're selling these beauties from around £45 and have plenty of guys sheepskins too.You could look as good as these gents..                     

But you'll never be as cool as Bobby Dylan
Finally, 10 Space points to the first to tell me who this is
Here's a link to a page much better researched than this one and he's not even trying to sell you anything!