Tuesday, 1 November 2016

1960 Tretchikoff Brochure

"Tretchikoff achieved what Andy Warhol stated he wanted to but never could because of his coolness."   -  Wayne Hemingway

I'd like to share some interesting scans of my Tretchikoff catalogue from 1960, sometime after his first major U.S. shows but before the release of some of his more famous artworks such as 'Penny Whistlers' and 'Miss Wong' 

Frost & Reed were the distributors for Tretchikoff prints in the UK and must have done a good job as he remains one of the most commercially successful artists ever. 
This particular brochure was left with 'Treasure Trove' in Newquay, Cornwall, happily still trading as Cornwall Galleries.  There's an order page inside back cover, designed to be filled in and torn out, happily it never has been and still has the shop stamp.

Here are the scans.......

It's interesting that no framing options are included.  Did these come with a standard frame or were the retailers expected to frame them themselves (hence the framing variations and different labels on the back of the same print)? 
We usually have several vintage Tretchikoff prints instore in our shop Space in Harrogate, UK.  Call for more info 01423 709941.
We currently have an original glazed copy of the brochure cover picture 'Lost Orchid' instore.

Here's the second Frost & Reed Tretchikoff catalogue produced in 1962. This has caused a little confusion as I've seen my, earlier, brochure attributed to 1962. Tretchikoff had experienced huge success in the few years inbetween so it's reasonable to assume the earlier brochure is a little rarer.

Feel free to comment if you have any more information, thanks.